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For those into modified things check out my journal posts and feel free to add me if you'd be interested in buying some wares or just to support! There's a few things up and I just picked out a bunch more tops to sell. All the more reason to add and keep up on new things! Talk to you all soon!



Let's go to Pigfarts!

For millions of years, Pigfarts has stood ahead of the crowd as the most interesting of schools (on Mars, of course), and the only one to specifically teach advanced wizardry. It was home to many an experiment, mixing magic with technology, and exploring the vast reaches of the universe.

One day, they did not stop at their universe.

Rumbleroar was in his lair enjoying an episode of Stargate, when he was struck with inspiration. A portal was what he needed- a portal to get more student to his school much, much, much more quickly than a regular old spaceship. But Rumbleroar, being a truly amazing wizard, made the portal a little too well. Instead of just connecting with Earth, it connected to thousands of other worlds and universes in all kind of parallel dimensions.

And that’s where you come in!

Whether you were on a battlefield, under the sea, of in a quiet country town, you’ve suddenly found yourself transported to the grand space station of Pigfarts, with a whole new set of powers and magic to replace your old ones (if you had any).

What’s that? You want to go home?

Well………… we’re working on it. In the meantime, get yourself sorted, sign up for some classes, and enjoy the beauty of Mars!

Now Open

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Join film_land!
Phase 2 Running March 21st - June 21st 2012

Film Land is a land community dedicated only to movies! We have a wide variety of challenges -- writing, graphics, games, and team challenges! We currently have 4 teams that you will be sorted into -- Team Action, Team Comedy, Team Horror and Team Romance.
Sign Up Here!

Looking for fellow fans of the world of Krynn? Feeling nostalgic about the stories detailed within The Chronicles or The Legends? Come join dragonlance! Updates and rules listed in the profile.

Love Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series? Come join dresdenfans!

Looking for fellow fans of the world of Krynn? Feeling nostalgic about the stories detailed within The Chronicles or The Legends? Come join dragonlancefans! Updates and rules listed in the profile.

Has fiction changed your life? Have books or movies changed you for the better? Come discuss the experience at dreamsandtales! Rules in the profile.

Fan of Raistlin Majere from Dragonlance? Come join raistlin_fans!

Love The Sword of Truth novels? Come join swordoftruth! New discussions, book updates, updates about Terry Goodkind himself - all are welcome!

join landofart!

landofart is a 'land comm' created solely for graphic artists. It doesn't matter if you only make icons, or only picspams, wallpapers, whatever! There are challenges for one and all types if artists! The competition is made up of 4 teams; Team Gothic, Team Pop Art, Team Renaissance & Team Steampunk. These names are just for the sake of having teams and do NOT reflect the type of graphics you have to make! Plus, you can do any kind of graphics here (celebs, stock, fandom, etc) as long as it fits the challenge. JOIN TODAY!

landofart landofart landofart landofart landofart

And also, if you can say that sneakyangel sent you there, I'll love you forever!


It's a regular day, and you're off doing your normal, daily routine-- nothing out of the ordinary. It's the last thing your remember before darkness takes over...

After some time, you start to regain consciousness. Clean, stale air fills you nostrils. Where are you? As you open your eyes, you take note of your surroundings. It's a hospital room, or what looks like a hospital room.

You realize that you're not alone. There's someone else in the room-- a doctor. At least, they look like a doctor with their white lab coat. Ignoring any questions you may have, the doctor hands you a small package and turns to leave. Right before he shuts the door he leaves you with three words:

"Welcome to Aliunde."

Come and join in the fun at gleeverse ! Compete in glee-related puzzles, fics and graphics. A new sectional has just started so it's a great time to come join one of the teams. There's Team Cheerios, Team New Directions and Team Teachers.

gleeverse gleeverse gleeverse gleeverse
gleeverse gleeverse gleeverse

Join gleeverse . Apply for one of the teams here. Tell them ces_1  sent you. :)
A brand new graphic community. Providing indie art and original (made by moi) graphics and quality codes! Join today!



As the title infers, paintchallenge is a community that challenges it's members to make an illustration using Microsoft Paint (Or Paintbrush for Mac users). A new challenge will be posted every Saturday, giving members of the community a new subject to try their best to interpret using only Microsoft Paint or Paintbrush. Challenges can range from a very specific topic, to a topic that can be interpreted in different ways.

paintchallenge is currently not open, but will open July 3rd. If you join now you will be accepted on opening day.